Why do so many kids in Singapore do Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is an immensely popular form of martial arts in Singapore with over 40 years of history and more than 30,000 active practitioners. It is especially popular with kids, and it is common to see a whole troupe of kids in their Taekwondo gis, heading for class in some dojo or other. But why is Taekwondo so popular and how did it stay relevant over the decades?

Structure and Syllabus

Perhaps the most important aspect of Taekwondo as a recreational sport, is the presence of a federation-controlled syllabus and structure. This ensures that they are common standards that are aligned at the Olympic level, and that the syllabus is not only easy to follow, but has clear learning objectives at every stage. Especially crucial for kids who need structure, discipline and values like “hard work before reward” instilled in every child. And since every belt level is awarded by independent federation appointed judges, the quality of instruction across all the schools are assured at a basic level.

The fringe benefits of Taekwondo

Confidence and focus are important aspects of a child’s development that are often lacking. Doing a martial arts like Taekwondo enforces respect, discipline and hard work. And when a student achieves a new belt level, confidence is boosted, and focus is reinforced as necessary behavior towards success. Frequent exercise in the form of controlled kicks and punches also result in a healthier child that learns about impulse control. All these values eventually spread to all aspects of their lives, including academia and other endeavors.

Taekwondo is fun!

All kids need an outlet. While Taekwondo is a serious martial art, the right school with the right instructor will create a fun learning environment that combines learning, discipline and fun in a way that does not compromise on the lessons, thereby maintaining the interest and attention of the developing child.

A typical Taekwondo class in Trifecta Martial Arts

A typical Taekwondo class in Trifecta Martial Arts


Trifecta Martial Arts is a family-oriented martial arts school offering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo. Our focus on quality instruction and good student-teacher ratios make Trifecta unique in providing a safe learning environment for kids and adults alike in pursuing a path in martial arts that is enriching and fulfilling.

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