Taekwondo is the world’s most popular martial art with more than 60 million practitioners worldwide. A practical art focusing on striking techniques for self-defense. It is beneficial in improving one’s overall fitness, coordination, agility and flexibility. Taekwondo, a multifaceted martial art, appeal to people from all walks of life for various reasons including self-defense, fitness, competition, appreciation of the fitness in the martial arts, stress relief and even for discipline and mental challenge. The cultivation of a healthy mind and body go hand in hand. We believe in the balanced development of all our students. The physical aspect means exercising all muscle groups and strengthening the body systematically, both internally and externally. 

Mentally, this means developing self-control and self- discipline on a path to achieving inner harmony. The end result is an improvement in the quality of life, mental and physical. Proper and regular Taekwondo practice helps individuals maintain fitness and general physical wellbeing to cope with the demand and stress of daily life, Our approach to attaining this benefit is through active participation and experience in physical Taekwondo training. When appropriate, we also encourage verbal discussions to help deepen the students’ understanding of the martial arts. 



This is an open class for adults and the intensity will be adjusted according to the abilities of the students attending the class. Each class usually begins with basic kicking and self defense drills, and the next half of the session sees students splitting into groups to continue with Poomsae, which is the essence of Taekwondo. 

This class is for: adult practitioners of all levels 



Sparring kicks are a little different from normal kicks or drills practiced in the regular class. In this session, attendees focus on reactions and speed drills. A great class for those who want to take their training to a more competitive and intense level. 

This class is for: those who are about to be graded, and competitors.



Game for some family-bonding time? A perfect way for the entire family to spend an active weekend together, this session combines drills and techniques suitable for both parent and child, while encouraging them to work together to improve their skills.