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How much do classes cost?

“As a general rule, you can expect classes to cost between $150-$250 per month”

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, though the answer to this question really depends on training frequency, belt level and personal comfort levels.

Our pricing is tailored to cater to various training levels and frequencies. Students in Trifecta are highly encouraged to train at least once a week to gain the full benefits of a martial arts curriculum. As a general rule, you can expect to classes to cost between $150-$250 per month. This does not include uniform costs, sparring gear and grading fees.

Martial arts is a specialized form of training class, which is generally more costly than other types of enrichment or fitness classes.

Trifecta Martial Arts, by comparison, is probably in the middle range of pricing when placed alongside other comparable martial arts school in Singapore. Do contact us to sign-up for a trial and get more information on the training plan that suits your needs and lifestyle.