History of Taekwondo in Singapore

Taekwondo originated from Korea in the 1940s as a combination of skillsets derived from other older martial arts like Karate, Chinese Kungfu and other Korean martial arts traditions. Taekwondo has been an Olympic sport since 2000. Perhaps unusually, despite the relatively young status of Singapore as a nation, Taekwondo started in Singapore as early as 1962 with the rapid promulgation of schools and the subsequent formation of a national association, the Singapore Taekwondo Foundation (STF) in 1974. It also became a staple of military training as part of National Service. 

Taekwondo in action in National Service (1983). Credit : Straits Times

Taekwondo in action in National Service (1983). Credit : Straits Times

The Singapore Taekwondo scene

There are well over 30,000 practioners and students of Taekwondo in Singapore with more than 50 schools and clubs offering lessons and instruction. Taekwondo competitions are also held frequently to identify talent since this is a national sport.

 Taekwondo for Kids

While no one can deny that the masters of Taekwondo intended for this to be a serious form of martial arts, the growth of Taekwondo in Singapore is primarily fueled by kids taking Taekwondo both as a extra-curricular activity, as well as an enrichment class. Many kids over the decades have benefited from learning Taekwondo, and you can find a first hand account of it here.

The recent STF saga

In mid 2019, due to some internal upheavals and management disagreements, the STF came under scrutiny by the National Olympic Committee of Singapore and was ordered to appoint an interim committee to ensure proper governance around the promotion of this national sport. While this sent a few ripples around the Taekwondo community in Singapore, most students are unaffected because the running of the sport with regards to grading and competitions has not been affected in any way. Adults, kids and whole families still continue to train and reap the benefits of this modern martial arts form, that is not only fulfilling, but great fun for the whole family.


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