3 important factors when choosing a martial arts school

There are many types of martial arts schools in Singapore that cater to all ages. Give the bewildering range of choices, this makes it difficult to decide which school to start with. What should you look out for when deciding on a martial arts school that works for you or your child? All martial arts promote personal mastery, boost self-confidence and provide a natural workout that also teaches life skills. But there are some factors that should stand out when making a decision:

  1. Choose the right teacher

    This is the most important first step. Is there an affinity between student and teacher? Is the teacher imparting instructions in a way that is easy to understand and learn? An experienced teacher knows and instinctively understand basic pedagogy and is always observing the students to ensure that skills are imparted accurately and caters to the learning levels of the class participants.  Above all, the right teacher will know the correct balance between discipline and fostering a fun environment for learning.

  2. Student to teacher ratio

    Many classroom based classes and childcare centres emphasize the student to teacher ratio. Martial arts classes are not exempt from this. In order to master the correct techniques, constant correction and adjustment is necessary. This is only possible if there are enough instructors to provide sufficient individual attention to students. While large classes look impressive at a glance, real learning only happens when there is optimal attention paid to each student.

  3. Syllabus and training goals

    Many students continue to train because they enjoy the syllabus and camaraderie that comes with being part of a community of like-minded individuals. Others train for much loftier goals of perhaps representing the sport at a national level, or just as a competitive sport. Regardless of the training goals, the right school needs to be one that supports these goals. A well-rounded school would have a structured syllabus for beginners and intermediate students, while simultaneously having a competitive agenda for their more advanced students to achieve higher levels of personal mastery and confidence.

Hopefully, these 3 points help to guide you in your search for the school that fulfills your training needs. Looking for a good school should not be a daunting task. Just pick one and go for a trial class; experiencing it personally is the best way to know whether martial arts is the way forward for you.

Trifecta Martial Arts is a family-oriented martial arts school offering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo. Our focus on quality instruction and good student-teacher ratios make Trifecta unique in providing a safe learning environment for kids and adults alike in pursuing a path in martial arts that is enriching and fulfilling.

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