What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu all about?

Like most martial arts being taught in Singapore, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) did not originate here. BJJ is one of the most versatile of the grappling arts, and is commonly associated with commercial MMA fights as the choice of many fighters when it comes to ground fighting. However, it is also quickly becoming the choice of families and kids as a recreational form of martial arts.

BJJ has many aspects to it that differentiates it from other forms of martial arts, but the most interesting (at least in our opinion), are the following:

1.      Fluidity and change

While every school has their own way of teaching or even a written syllabus, this is subject to a great deal of fluidity and change as the BJJ practitioner has clocked in his hours. Like many other skills, the movement from Unconscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence often results in infinite possibilities in responding to an opponent. This leads to new discoveries in techniques and subsequently, teaching techniques are revised. This happens frequently in BJJ, which means BJJ is not a ‘dead’ art form.

2.      Communities and the spirit of learning

BJJ students tend to form communities and a close-knit learning spirit is typically fostered both within their own training schools, and also with students from other gyms. Open mats are typical informal sessions held to encourage sparring between different students and cross-learning. Most BJJ students take on a humble learning approach and eventually, a teaching demeanor when sparring with lower belts. This community spirit in a martial arts form is somewhat unique to BJJ. In the words of Dr David Ley: “This intense sense of community, family, and connectedness is one of the aspects of BJJ which cannot be ignored, fueling people’s excitement and interest in the sport.”

3.      A mental game

Instead of focusing on purely physical factors, BJJ tends to have a strong strategic aspect to it. In the end, it’s not always who’s faster or stronger, but rather who is smarter. This is why BJJ is not only a choice of hobby many professionals, but also a favorite of parents looking for enrichment classes for their kids. Kids who study BJJ not only get a great workout, they also start to understand cause and effect at a deeper level and how their actions can shape the situation on the mats and turn a disadvantage into an advantage. These are life skills that are beneficial to any growing child.

BJJ Competition in Singapore (2017)

BJJ Competition in Singapore (2017)


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