Jacob Barroga

Jacob has been teaching Taekwondo for nearly a decade in both the Philippines and Singapore, and he is an enthusiastic instructor with a focus on building self-confidence, character, and skill in students through mental and physical discipline.

In his classroom, he uses an encouraging, yet challenging approach allows all participants to progress at their own level by setting and achieving individual goals. Jacob is a 3rd dan black belt, a former National Games Coach in the Philippines, and multiple gold medalist at various tournaments in both Singapore and the Philippines.


Rene Ng

Rene started out as an assistant coach in the Philippines in 2008, until he moved to Singapore in 2009, where he taught at JH Kim Taekwondo Institute for 7 years, eventually becoming the Senior instructor in charge of the school. Not just one to rely on his past experience, he continues to upgrade by studying martial arts theory and philosophy for the benefit of his class programs.

Rene has also participated in numerous Taekwondo-related seminars as both a referee and a coach, and competed actively and achieving countless medals in Kyurogi tournaments. He joined Trifecta Martial Arts in 2016 and is an invaluable asset to our teaching team.