Muay Thai


Manop Kaewnil (Noi)

Noi is a first-generation student of the Grandmaster Yodtong Senanan, of the renowned Sityodtong gym, one of the oldest and most respected gyms in Thailand with some of the most decorated champions in Thai Boxing. As an experienced competitor with over 120 professional fights in major stadiums around Thailand, he is also ranked as one of the top 10 fighters in the famous Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok.

Today, he is one of the most experienced instructors, with 31 years of teaching experience under his belt, and is well-loved by all students due to his kind demeanour, attention to detail, and professional work ethic. Apart from working experience in the Sityodtong gym and at Trifecta Martial Arts, he has also conducted seminars and Thai Boxing promotional exams in France and Singapore.


Ryan Singto Rudkin

A native English speaking expat from Cambridge England, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from 25 years in Muay Thai, 10 years in Western Boxing, Personal Training and Sports Therapy.

He's got a Master Level in Muay Thai (IFMA/United Kingdom Muay Thai Federation), trainer of 20 Champions, including a 4x World Muay Thai Champions, and was inducted to the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2011.