Double promotions at our Jan 2018 TKD grading!

209 students took part in our quarterly Taekwondo grading on 27 January 2018. We are proud to see them do well and especially want to commend the following students for getting double promotions!

Grade 10 (White to yellow belt)
Chua Natalie
Jip Alyssa
Liu Yao Wei Zavier
Nicholas Jason T. Veloso
Shruthi Channa Keshave
Sofia Mercado
Yee Ren Kai Julian

Grade 9 (Yellow tip to green tip)
Cheong Audrey
Tan Sophie

Grade 8 (Yellow to green belt)
Fu Hao Feng
Tan Ian

Grade 7 (Green tip to blue tip)
Bavay Cynthia
Mikulska Dorota Leonarda

Our next grading will be held on the later half of April 2018. More details will be confirmed by our team very soon. In the meantime, let's continue to work hard together and help each other on, as we strive towards the next level in our martial arts journey.