Getting back to Muay Thai: Nick & Kru Ryan

Over at our Central Square branch, Kru Ryan has been stirring up a storm (a good one, of course) with his Muay Thai classes, and we've seen more regulars added to the group in the recent months. The spotlight in July is CSQ Muay Thai's "Student of the Month" Nick Garrity, who received a custom-made tshirt to wear to his training sessions!

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Nick is not new to Muay Thai. However, his training from years before came to a stop in 2016 when he broke his wrist playing futsal. It was only through recent circumstances that he began again with Kru Ryan.

"I’ve been training with Ryan Rudkin at Trifecta Central Square since April this year, attending 3-4 sessions per week.  I’d resumed Muay Thai training about a month previously, after a lay-off from a couple of years, at another CBD gym.  I was loving getting back into training, but I wasn’t getting the specific feedback on my technique that I felt I needed to make real progress. When I saw that a new coach, Ryan, was rejuvenating the Muay Thai programme at Trifecta Central Square, I decided to give it a go; at first just on a drop-in basis.

I quickly came to appreciate the immense depth of knowledge and skill which Ryan brings to each session, developed over a lifetime as fighter then coach.  This results in a high quality and enjoyable learning experience at every session - and he has is been able to adapt sessions immediately to accommodate injuries or different competence levels in the class so that everyone can get the most of the sessions.

As a consequence of training with Ryan, I am fitter than I have been for many years; and feel like I am making real progress with my learning.  This has given me the confidence to visit other Muay Thai gyms as I’ve been travelling around the region - which is a great way to stay fit while travelling and learn fresh perspectives, which I can then bring back to my training at Trifecta.

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I’ve brought friends and also my own teenage sons to train with Ryan; and irrespective of their Muay Thai experience, they’ve always left the sessions with a smile on their face, having learned a lot and had a great workout.

Muay Thai is an amazing sport; whether it is just for exercise and enjoyment; or taken more seriously as a martial art.  However, to get the most from the the limited amount of time we can all devote to training high quality coaching is essential.  Kru Ryan Rudkin and the programme he is establishing at Trifecta has given me and the other students I train with exactly that - and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone."