He's always late for class! Here's why.

Uzoma Victor Correia (Zozo), a Trifecta BJJ blue belt, is sometimes seen entering the evening class a little later than its starting time. It could be easily attributed to the inability to be punctual, but my mind was changed after I got the chance to hear his side of the story one night as he gave me a lift home after training.

"It's different when you have kids," he shared, "When you come home after work, all your kids want to do is have you sit at the dinner table with them. It's the only time I get to spend with them in their day, before they head off to bed. And so I do. I choose not to rush off to train immediately. It's true that I end up arriving late for class, and I miss out on a lot that my classmates get to experience. But what is my progress compared to watching my kids grow up? Two of my kids are very young, and one is a teenager. These are precious years."

Zozo is a reminder that most martial arts students possess another side of life that we don't see when they leave the gym - such as families to spend time with, relationships to grow, careers that require our focus, bills to balance, pets to feed, and causes that matter to us.

It’s easy to forget, especially with social media, that most of us are not young, full-time athletes chasing medal dreams and the luxury of training 3 times a day, 7 days a week. 

So today we raise a glass to the classmates like Zozo, who still find time to make training a part of their lives.