Check out our new Muay Thai programme by Kru Ryan at Trifecta CSQ!

We are pleased to introduce our all new Muay Thai programme at Trifecta Central Square, now being led by International Muay Thai Master - Kru Ryan ‘Singto’ Rudkin.


A native English speaking expat from Cambridge England, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from 25 years in Muay Thai, 10 years in Western Boxing, Personal Training and Sports Therapy.

o Master Level in Muay Thai (IFMA/United Kingdom Muay Thai Federation)
o Inducted to the Martial Arts Hall of Fame (2011)
o Trainer of 20 Champions, including a 4x World Muay Thai Champion

Affiliated Gyms and Organisations:
o KBP Gym, MAF Gym
o Amateur Muay Thai Association Singapore, International Federation Muay Thai Amateur, World Muay Thai Council


With Kru Ryan's new Muay Thai programme, check out the new schedule with him, as well as a new price structure.  (Applicable to Trifecta Central Square only.)

o Monday 20:15 – 21:30 All Levels
o Wednesday 20:15 – 21:30 All Levels
o Friday 19:00 – 20:15 All Levels Technical Sparring
New Price Structure:
o Free Trial Sessions until the 30th April ‘18! (Tell your friends)
o $30 Drop in for all new and existing members
o $270 10 x Session Block ($27.00) > expires after 3 months / 90 days
o $500 20 x Session Block ($25.00) > expires after 6 months / 180 days
o $675 30 x Session Block ($22.50) > expires after 6 months / 180 days

Personal Training rates (1hr):
o In Trifecta:
$100 x 1 session
$90 x 5 sessions
$80 x 10 sessions
o House call (includes transportation and equipment):
$120 x 1 session
$110 x 5 sessions
$100 x 10 sessions



Whatsapp: +65 8195 6846
IG hashtag: #trifectamuaythaicsq
FB: trifectamuaythaicsq
Weibo: trifectamuaythaicsq
Wechat: trifectamuaythaicsq

TRIFECTA MUAY THAI CENTRAL SQUARE - 20 Havelock Rd, #01-05, Central Square, SG 059765