Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Arlene Lim (Purple Belt)

Arlene wears many hats – mother, entrepreneur, martial artist and mentor — but her interests and responsibilities have converged as the Founder and Managing Director of Trifecta Martial Arts.

In her professional life, Arlene broke boundaries in male-dominated fields. While serving in the military, she awarded the prestigious SAF Merit Scholarship to study at MIT. She went on to become Singapore’s first female combat armour officer.  At the same time, she represented Singapore in Taekwondo, making her mark in prominent international events such as the Southeast Asian- and Asian Taekwondo Championships.


Marcelo Tavares (Black Belt)

Marcelo found his love for Jiu-Jitsu in 2001 at age 11, while he was an already accomplished soccer player representing huge teams in Brazil. Unfortunately his soccer career ended in 2008 when he broke his leg, but one year on he very quickly managed to find solace and joy in Jiu-Jitsu, which he describes as his “new reason for smiling again”. He was coached by Professor Italo Lins, whom along with Master Julio Cesar Pereira of GFTeam, awarded Marcelo his black belt in 2014.

Marcelo is a passionate coach who never fails to push his students to exceed their potential. He is also an active competitor who recently achieved multiple gold medals in both the gi and no-gi divisions at the 2018 Jiu-Jitsu Thailand Championship, and 2017 Circuito Arena Jiu-Jitsu Championship.


Luke Leasure (Brown Belt)

Luke is a professional MMA fighter and practitioner of numerous martial arts. Amongst accolades he has received over the years, he was the Singapore Fighting Championship 3 Featherweight champion and BJJ brown belt/grappling advance level multiple-medalist at the South East Asian Grappling Challenge 2016. Luke currently heads the MMA program in Trifecta Martial Arts, and has coached many amateur and professional fighters for MMA fights, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. He is well-liked for his versatile BJJ Gi and No-Gi classes, which range from being beginner-friendly thanks to clear concepts and the added touch of detail in each position, to containing more advanced and unorthodox techniques influenced by various grappling styles.


Sueann Tan (Blue Belt)

Sueann has always believed that in order to be a well-rounded practitioner of any discipline, one must possess the ability to teach and impart skills of the trade. Becoming a creative writing trainer for children in 2013 sparked her love for the young ones, as well as a desire to integrate fun, dynamic and imaginative activities into lesson plans. Teacher Sue is known for her loud voice and endless energy!

She received her blue belt from professor Italo Lins of GFTeam, loves no-gi grappling (“reminds me of my days as a dancer”), and is a former active BJJ competitor blessed enough to snag a few local and regional accolades along the way. When not on the mats, Sueann is likely to be running around Singapore trying to capture the next Instagrammable photo/video!


Charmaine Lim (Blue Belt)

Charmaine began assisting in BJJ kids classes in early 2016, when she was asked to help out in one of Luke's classes. She was still a white belt when she first started teaching but was always keen on assisting and learning. As a former dancer of 4 years, Charmaine learnt that team work and discipline are the keys to success. She loves working with kids and strives to nuture them to their fullest potential.

Additionally, Charmaine is the Admin Manager at Trifecta BT and is also one of the youngest members of our staff team. Currently a blue belt, she is teaching most of the morning weekend classes with Professor Luke.