Trifecta Martial Arts is a martial arts school specializing in Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes. Our classes run daily, and are open to all age groups and skill levels. Trifecta promises a safe, friendly and non-competitive training environment for all.

Our classes are designed to help you and your children build confidence, develop a positive attitude, and instill lessons that are applicable in every aspect of your life. A martial arts journey is one that requires humility, dedication, flexibility, awareness, and sensitivity. There are no shortcuts in the process, and because of the rigours of our training systems, you will develop all of these attributes, and more!

Witness yourself grow in strength, coordination, confidence, mental clarity, in addition to the subtle development of a calm, centered awareness. We're so excited to be a part of your journey of growth. Welcome on board!




At Trifecta Martial Arts, we believe that the practice of martial arts is a lifelong expedition and a way of life. It is a journey that equips practitioners with essential life lessons and fundamental foundations that will in turn, bring out the best in themselves. We seek to empower our students to recognise and be in full control of negative situations that they might encounter outside of the mats, both physically and mentally.

We frown upon the use of violence and similarly, educate our students never to initiate any form of bullying. We refrain from showing off and always place respect above all. The people we train with are our brothers and sisters, whom we grow with and mutually build up on the mats. We encourage all our students to devote themselves completely to the practice of martial arts, to cross-train between disciplines, to constantly challenge themselves, and to rise above all obstacles. With this, we are committed to being with our students at every step of their journey.